Cedar City Utah Attractions

re in Cedar City on the Fourth of July weekend, there is plenty to do in transit. Whether you're visiting it to attend a Shakespeare Festival, take a look at Southern Utah University or just drop by, for a day or two and everything is in place, there's no shortage of activities to choose from.

Some of the coolest places to visit are the Cedar City Convention Center, Southern Utah University and the Utah State Capitol. Once you arrive in Cedar City, you can find other attractions and activities to enjoy. Some of the interesting activities at some of these attractions include a break - a guided tour and a visit to the Museum of History.

The Frontier Homestead State Park and Museum in Cedar City is a great opportunity to relive the history of the horse - drawn carriages, horse riding and Paiute Indians. This content is sponsored by Southern Utah Parks and Recreation, a website dedicated to the beauty and growth of historic South Utah.

Cedar City is a small college town, and this 20,000 square foot museum is located on the campus of Southern Utah University. For a museum, it really means more than just the natural history hall.

The most famous festival in Cedar City is the Utah Shakespeare Festival, which takes place every summer on the campus of Southern Utah University. The Utah Summer Games are held in Cedar City every year and last throughout the month of June. Although the city is best known for hosting the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics and the Cedar Valley Winter Games, it also hosts a number of other events.

Summer in Cedar City is full of outdoor activities, festivals and theater performances that are fun for all ages. Star parties are held all summer long, as long as you're in the city during the break (weather permitting).

There are a lot of things to do in Cedar City, especially if you like to be outside, and there are plenty of them for all ages. Whether you were born and raised in Utah, or just moved to Cedar or visited the city, there's something for everyone.

Take a hike, climb the Markaguant Plateau, take a nature walk with the rangers or simply enjoy the scenery of the Cedar Breaks National Monument. Go down to the break and its beautiful views, set up camp and go for a walk or hike, climb, hike and climb.

Take Interstate 15 (Exit 62) from Cedar to UT 130 and take Arizona Highway 64 to Utah 14, which will take you directly to Cedar City. Alternatively, you can leave I-15 in Cedar City, Utah and take UT-130 north toward Main and then take Utah-14 right toward CedarCity.

As you leave the Cedar Breaks National Monument, Red Canyon is on its way to Bryce Canyon National Park, and you will discover the beautiful waterfalls of Kanarra Creek while hiking through the water of the canyon. CedarBreaks is only a short drive from Cedar City, but the national park offers great views of Cedar Canyon, Grand Staircase - Escalante Trail and Great Salt Lake.

The unique location of the mountains and the high desert make Cedar City an ideal destination for families and it is home to the Cedar Breaks National Monument and Grand Staircase - Escalante Trail.

We have nine free, family-friendly attractions that make Cedar City an ideal destination for family vacations in Utah. The above nine places are all free and friendly family attractions that will be useful to make an affordable family vacation in the Cedar City simple and fun.

Cedar City is known as the Festival City of the USA, and there is no shortage of activities in Cedar City. There are many activities that will make your family holiday in the city as pleasant and fun as possible, but there is always something to do, even if it is only for a few hours.

Skiing in Miles, Utah's Red Rock landscape and the white snow cover throughout the winter season at Brian Head make Cedar City one of the most beautiful ski resorts you'll find anywhere in the world.

Cedar City also offers easy access to Zion National Park, which includes Kolob Canyons, and the Cedar Breaks National Monument is a great destination for hiking, biking, camping or even a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Starting with an early morning drive from Cedar City to Cedar Lake, you can turn off Interstate 15 and stop at Zion Park for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just a few minutes drive from the mountain, the break is located in the most scenic part of the park and is one of Utah's most popular hiking trails.

For convenience, you can choose between Cedar City, Parowan or Brian Head, all of which are national park hubs.

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More About Cedar City