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Russell Nielson's album is available to pre-order on his website from Tuesday and he says he also plans to produce a range of physical CDs for those who want the option, although they are not yet available. The versatile instrumentalist, born in Salt Lake City, Utah, will release his self-titled collection of dozens of instrumental pieces on Tuesday.

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In a world where live pit orchestras are increasingly being replaced by backtracks, the CVCT orchestra musicians, led by Carylee Zwang, have surprised us with their ability to surprise us. Sometimes it is an impressively synchronized ensemble that shows their choreography, sometimes the smaller groups shine. The piccolo in particular provides a playful swing of the music, which will certainly bring spring into the dancers "steps. Dixieland feels like a piano and clarinet, and the orchestra brings life to the orchestra with its unique sound.

Bonnie Nielson said: "In recent years I have enjoyed watching my son develop his musical talents. He also enjoys theater and has appeared in a number of musicals, including "The Phantom of the Opera" and "A Christmas Carol." She said that her son's love of music and ability to share this passion with others have led him to make this album, enabling him and his band to reach an even wider audience.

Nielson's YouTube channel currently shows 13 videos, many of which are songs from the new album. In the video for "Confrontation," Nielson alternately moves on stage in white and black while playing dubstep songs. His set design is quite simple, allowing for versatility and minimal scenes - which change in many different scenes.

The large, well-rounded cast presented themselves wonderfully and seemed to enjoy the piece just as much as I did. Each of the singers in the production let their personality and connections shine through on stage while making beautiful music. They have all done a great job when they sing tight harmonies, but without memorizing every note, lyric and choreography, it's easy to lose expression and charisma. Some were animated and humorous, keeping themselves in the spotlight, literally and figuratively.

One of my favourite parts was paying special attention to Harold, the little boy who steals the show in almost every number. As a child in a band he organized, Harold set out to sell instruments and uniforms to the townspeople.

Marian, the librarian Emily Dimond, with her beautiful and well-educated voice, moves from her guarded acceptance of love, which eventually leads her to catch Professor Hill with his foot in the door. The biggest challenge I found was convincing my music teacher that this was legitimate. She taught me about integrity and the power of change.

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