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Southern Utah kept Utah Valley State at bay and clinched an 80-74 victory in Cedar City on Tuesday night. Southern Utah opened the second half with a 12-5 run to take a 55-46 lead after a Cheryl Grant layup. The Wolverines stayed in the game until they trailed by 14 points with 44.3 seconds left after Kaitlyn Davenport scored.

SU fought back, turning an 8-0 run of its own into a six-point deficit to make it 33-31. Both teams played evenly until the break, with the T-Birds leading 43-41 after the break.

The Wolverines will have until after Christmas to have a day off, and then host Gonzaga on Saturday, December 29 at 7 p.m. in the first game of a three-game road trip.

We have many hands - in activities and interpretation programs throughout the year, including children's story camps and Christmas in the homestead. Brian Head Ski Resort is a great place to be if you are interested in driving with your family, friends or even just for a day trip to the lake. There are many opportunities for students to get out of class early in the morning and still hit the slopes in the afternoon, and there is even a ski-in-park program for those who are too lazy or too ill to ski on Christmas Day.

The SUU swimming pool has two large pools where you can learn to swim, kayak, dive and dive. The Aquatic Centre at the top of Leigh Hill features an ice rink, a pool, an indoor pool and a diving pool. There are courses and there is a fitness center with gym, changing rooms and showers. The Cedar Bowling Center is located at the northern end of the city and offers bowling on Friday and Saturday from 9 pm to midnight and on Sunday from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Quail Creek Reservoir is the largest lake in the state of Utah and one of the most popular lakes in Utah. Its unique location between mountains and high desert makes it a popular destination for boaters and fishermen. Quail Brook State Park has a variety of lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, lakes and streams that attract boaters and anglers year-round.

The lake's current name was given to it by early pioneer settlers after a confrontation between two traveling members of the Navajo Nation and a group of settlers. For several centuries, Indians traveling through the area stopped and picked large boulders located on the east side of Parowan Gap according to design. Quail Brook National Park is located in a sage-dotted valley in the eastern part of Cedar City, Utah.

Sand Hollow Reservoir is an artificially created reservoir located in the eastern part of Quail Brook National Park in Cedar City, Utah. The pristine lake was originally known by the Paiute Indians as Pa Cu Ay, meaning cloud lake.

The C overlook is located at the top of the path and has a white painted "C" on the side. The trail leads over an altitude difference of 2,200 feet, with a total difference in altitude of 1,000 feet from the lake to the sand cave.

Located in Downtownedar's historic city centre, Historic Cedar City Theatre offers a cinematic experience at half the price of other theatres.

For nearly a century, Cedar City has welcomed travelers from around the world to visit the area's amazing national parks and monuments. More than a hundred thousand people come from all over the country to see the plays that are performed every year. The Utah Summer Games are held in the Cedar City every year and last throughout the month of June. The opening ceremonies of these games always consist of a band show followed by one of the best fireworks displays in Utah.

The city has become a host city and a unique culture of volunteering and community engagement has become part of living.

The Frontier Homestead State Park and Museum in Cedar City is able to relive the history of horse-drawn carriages, horse racing and Paiute Indians. According to US Census Bureau data, the share in southern Utah is 22-35%, compared to the national average of 29.5% in Utah. Located south of Salt Lake City and north of the Utah-Idaho border, it is known as "Festival City USA" for its many festivals, concerts, festivals and events. The Cedar City Half Marathon is a scenic downhill race that takes runners through the gorges and up Highway 14.

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More About Cedar City